Crix Reardon
Killer Deluxe is the production and songwriting duo of Andy Waldeck and Chris Reardon. Andy and Chris have a combined 50 years of experience in the music business. They are both accomplished singers, songwriters, and multi instrumentalists. In the late 90’s their writing and production work garnered the attention of Warner Brothers, eventually signing with Giant Records, headed by Irving Azoff. Under the moniker Earth To Andy they released the critically acclaimed album Chronicle Kings. Two songs from this album were featured heavily in several WB television shows.

Recent production and songwriting credits include the upcoming single from TONY-nominated singer Constantine Maroulis, a track on the multi-platinum Daughtry album Leave This Town, the Canadian pop country duo Robyn & Ryleigh, and multiple cuts on the new David Cook record including the single “Laying Me Low”. Additionally, Killer Deluxe have each toured internationally with artists such as Daughtry, Pat McGee Band, Lucy Woodward and Scott Stapp of Creed fame.

Andy Waldeck