Andy Waldeck was born in Milwaukee, Wisconsin with a strong affection for music. He started playing bass at age ten, stole his parents records, and started writing songs.

        After attending Berklee College of Music where he studied bass and composition, he moved to Washington DC and formed the seminal funk rock band, Egypt. After a million miles in a van and several independent label CD releases, Andy picked up the guitar and formed Earth To Andy who quickly signed with Warner Brothers boutique label, Giant Records. The release of their critically acclaimed CD "Chronicle Kings" saw several of Andy's songs featured on modern rock radio and in the highly rated network TV shows, Charmed and Beverly Hills 90210. He has shared the stage with countless acts such as Stone Temple Pilots, Live, Fuel, Stained, Everclear and 3 Doors Down, to name a few.

        Reinventing himself time and again, Andy has continually grown as a musician and songwriter. He has crafted hundreds of songs, scores of unforgettable hooks, and has released two solo CDs.

        As a producer, he works with other artists whose music moves him. His instincts and technical skills are essential to artists in their quest for stronger songs and a better sound. As a co-writer, his fertile creativity and total grasp of melody, harmony, and lyrics are an invaluable asset to any songwriter.

        Andy has a musical mind of uncommon depth and emotional intellect...
and he rocks.

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